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Video of Samoyed Patiently Waiting for a Cone From the Ice Cream Truck Couldn't Be Better

Summertime means sunny days, warmer nights, cream, of course! No matter which flavor is your favorite, it's a delicious way to cool off and treat yourself all at the same time. As it turns out, this dairy dessert is a favorite of some dogs, too! 

While everyone in his neighborhood was flocking to the ice cream truck, so was @enzo_thesamoyed, who loves a scoop of soft serve as much as anyone else. As he and his mama waited for their turn, the floofy boy had to practice major patience--the guy in front of them was taking forever! (Spoiler alert: he got his ice cream after what felt like forever, so it's worth watching until the very end).

OMG, Enzo devoured that ice cream! We don't blame him at all--soft serve is heavenly--but the enthusiasm with which he ate was mind-blowing. We suppose his massive fur coat kept him protected from brain freeze!

TikTok commenters were equally impressed, though no one knows quite where to look. The Samoyed's coat is just as beautiful as his manners! Viewer @jboo1212 said, "I love how the dog waited in line 🥰😂!" It's so adorable, right? What's even more impressive is how Enzo (and everyone else) kept their cool as the guy in front of them counted every last penny in his wallet.   

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"She's [more] patient than I am," commented @oliverkn60. "I was telling that guy to get out of the way before she did 😂." LMAO--so were we! Enzo's mama agrees too. She replied, "hahahaha omg deep inside so was I! technically he cut off the line too but we were trying to be nice 😅." 

You two deserve even more ice cream for that! Luckily, as @whykikiwai points out, "I feel like she gave y'all extra 😂." She could sense the struggle too! In the end, though it wasn't a big deal; and everyone got the ice cream they wanted. Overall, sounds like a good day to us!

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