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Samoyed's Selfless Gesture Toward Her Babies Has Us in Our Feelings

No matter how many videos we see of mothers putting their babies first, our hearts will always melt. It's just so refreshing to see the selfless acts mothers do. Plus, they do so much for their babies. Protecting, providing, sheltering. The list goes on and on. Now some animal mamas might have help from their owners, but that doesn't mean their selflessness is thrown out. We might not see it as much. You just have to look a little closer! 

TikTok user @aliciagp wanted to investigate why her Samoyed named Kida wasn't eating her favorite nightly dental stick. Where on earth was it going, she thought? Was she taking it to her beautiful, puff-ball babies? There's no way Kida would give up her favorite treat, right? This TikToker finally decided to follow Kida one night after giving her the stick. Instantly she was struck by this mama's kindness. Th clip will seriously put you in the feels!   

Aww! This momma is so sweet and was really looking after her babies even though that's her favorite treat. She wanted to share! The things we do for the ones we love! And don't worry, this TikToker said in the comments that since finding out Kida did this, she does not let the puppies keep the dental stick. As it turns out, they're not supposed to have it until 12 weeks old. Soon enough little ones!

"She's so smart and so cute omg," wrote @Tessie Mel. Right?! She deserves all the dental sticks she wants for being so kind! @Vanessa Lopez pointed out, "When she gives kisses at the end." Giving away her favorite treat is sweet enough, but the kisses are what seal the deal for us! 

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Did anyone else think those pups weren't real at first!? We swear they were just stuffed animals until one of them moved. LOL! "CLOUD AND BABY CLOUDS," commented @chuispasjordan. Yes! Maybe that's why they didn't look real. Just a bunch of fluffy clouds! @Ryan Young asked, "Is this heaven?" Please, we'd all like to be greeted like this in heaven! 

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