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Gigantic Samoyed Gives New Meaning to the Term 'Sheep Dog'

Halloween is such a fun season because not only do we get to see kids in costumes, we get to see everyone's adorable pets all dressed up for Halloween. The more ridiculous, the better. Just take @BifftheSamoyed here who is masquerading as a farm animal this Halloween. He may even be cuter than the actual animal he is dressed as! 

Just watch this video and have this gigantic floof baaaaa his way into your heart! 

His socks! His little sheep ears! This is just too hilariously adorable. We love how dad throws him over his shoulder and lugs him off. @AlexisMolero says "Omg so cute!" @Maelily posts, "I guess you could say he is a sheep dog!" The cutest sheep dog ever. @Coreymoney states the obvious, "Sooo cute!" Gotta love it. 

Samoyeds are such amazing dogs. We love how cheerful and good natured they are. Despite a tendency to cover their entire world in white fur, we'd love cuddling Biff any time. Sheep costume or not! 

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