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Gym in San Francisco That Has a Dedicated 'Dog Room' Is a True Gem

We get it--working out is hard. A few lucky gym-goers in the San Francisco Bay Area get a little extra motivation to get up and go, though--it's a dedicated dog room! With this space, furry friends can have a safe spot to chill while their favorite humans pump some iron. 

Poster @geezelouiseeeee gave a virtual tour of the room, and we haven't even mentioned the best part. The doggy room has a wall made just of windows, so gym members can have some furry entertainment, too!

Don't you just love this idea? Not only does it make gym memberships way more accessible for pet parents, but it's a great motivator for everyone! Plus, it lets the dogs socialize in a safe way. 

Besides, even if you didn't bring your pup along for a workout, nothing's stopping you from enjoying the dog-filled view! 

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"That’s my gym 😂," commented SF-resident "I love watching the dogs while on the treadmill." Well, who wouldn't? It's the next best thing to getting the pups a treadmill of their very own!

Naturally, several viewers like @jawsolyn asked, "WHICH GYM I’M JOINING NOW." It's Fitness SF! This family-owned chain has several locations in The City and surrounding areas, but we think dog rooms should be everywhere. Who's starting the petition?

The only downside to this idea is that most of us have the same plan as @aisha_davimar: "I will be with the dogs and no working out 🤣." All the best people will be! Still, gyms would be smart to implement this idea--it's basically free money from memberships! 

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