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Video of Sand Cranes Helping Baby Alligator Get to a Pond Has People in Awe

You'd think at this point there would be nothing to shock us that comes from Florida, but boy are we wrong. It was another typical Florida day out on the golf course. For most golfers, the only thing that stands in the way of the hole is sand traps and water. But as it turns out, golfers in Florida must be cautious of the wildlife. 

TikToker @user1137457652330 captured an unbelievable moment while he was out on the green. If we didn't mention Florida before, this video alone screams Florida. He drove his golf cart up to get a closer look and what he discovered was a baby alligator surrounded by Sand Cranes. It looked as if the Sand Cranes were escorting the alligator towards the water. Although, not everyone on TikTok agrees with that. What do you think? 

Woah, that's unbelievable! We've never seen anything like that before. As @.llama.pajamas put it, "What in the Jurassic Park." LOL! It truly looks like they were escorting the baby alligator back to the pond. We'll call them what @Gabriel Luyando said, "Guardians of the green." But some TikTok users think something else is happening and the Sand Cranes weren't helping out from the goodness in their hearts. 

@Mintpod69420 wrote, "Yea definitely not guiding him," which the creator wrote in the caption. But in response to that comment, the creator said, "I definitely know they weren’t doing it in a friendly way. I’ve lived here a long time and have seen similar behaviors in the past." We'd say this was more of an intimidation method so the alligator doesn't come back to their turf! @mynameis.kendra added, "They said, 'Keep it movin big boy.'” 

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Some even think they were intimidating the alligator because maybe there was a baby nearby. But either way, we think that's such a cool moment to capture on film! And as @user3904822879938 said, "Just a typical Florida day." LOL!

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