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Woman's Concern Over Sandhill Cranes Who Visited Her Home Before 'Hurricane Ian' Touches Our Hearts

Many of us develop attachments to the wild animals that we see in our neighborhood or live in our yard. This is beaus we see them often and begin to feel like they are our unofficial pets. When Hurricane Ian swept into Florida, one woman feared for the safety of two Sandhill Cranes that often spent time in her yard.

TikTok user @soulysymbolic recently shared a video of two cranes that she named Romeo and Juliet and visit her every day at her home in Florida. The two visited her right before the hurricane hit her town, and the woman worried for the safety of these two birds in the storm. Check out the video to see these majestic birds and understand why this user has grown so fond of them.

OMG, we feel so sorry for this woman and the cranes! She must have been out of her mind with worry, and the cranes likely had a difficult time making through the storm safely.

People in the comments were sending their well wishes for Romeo and Juliet. @kendra_816 said, "Awe bless their hearts, precious little angels. Sending prayers that God has kept them out of harms way and sends them back to you." Another user, @cassiegersch, commented, "I pray for our wildlife that is at the mercy of all of this as well. They all wish to survive as does man." We never want to see animals negatively impacted by natural disasters!

Never fear, readers! The day after the storm ended, this woman posted an update that shows Romeo and Juliet returned as soon as possible! Check out the video to see the cranes' lovely return to their favorite front yard.

This makes us so happy! During the storm, animal lovers everywhere worried about what would happen to the wildlife in the affected areas, so it is a great comfort to see these two survived unscathed.

People shared their joy over Romeo and Juliet's return. @regiscrowell177 commented, "I screamed for joy! I needed this right now! I'm so happy for you," and @chaosnightmar3 said, "Oh, thank goodness. I promise I'm crying happy tears." We're shedding a few tears of joy ourselves!

We are truly touched by the concern this woman had for the two cranes that visited her yard so often, and we are overjoyed to see that they returned after the storm. These two clearly feel that this yard is home and have formed a bond with this woman. We love this happy ending!

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