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Dog's Sassy Reaction to Dad Meeting Foster Dog Is Priceless

Despite the fact that dogs are pack-oriented animals, they don't always enjoy adding a second dog to the family dynamic. They can be protective of their owners and aren't always willing to share the attention. This is the thought process one pup had after seeing her dad spending time with a friend's foster dog.

TikTok user @sarahmborden recently shared a video of her husband holding their friend's foster dog. In the video, her Chihuahua, Paris, has quite the reaction to seeing her dad give another pup attention. Check out the video to see Paris's hilarious response.

OMG, this is so funny. Paris was not pleased with her dad for daring to give his love to another dog. She had put her parents in their place and made it known she wouldn't tolerate a new sibling!

People in the comments are anticipating some more drama in the future. @jrenee2015 said, "It is going to be a frosty ride home," and @tzap249 commented, "Poor Paris has never known such betrayal." Paris is definitely going to use this betrayal to guilt trip her dad into giving her more treats in the future!

Others thought Paris was hilarious. @lyndasilver commented, "Why is this so funny?" and @frash_attack said, "She’s a whole mood, LOL." Paris just has a flair for the dramatic that we can't get enough of!

Paris's sassy reaction to seeing her dad with this foster pup is just priceless. We hope the never has to share the spotlight with another dog again. We don't think she can handle not being the center of attention again!

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