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Sassy Skunk Throws a Toddler-Style Fit in Video That Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Skunks are known for being stinky, but it turns out they can be stinkers, too! Not all of us have the chance to get up close and personal with them, but these monochromatic creatures can have a personality as big as their smell.

TikTok got to witness this firsthand when Piper the pet skunk threw a fit over the smallest thing. As upsetting as it may have been for her, it was positively hilarious to us. We're so glad her dad was able to film her sassiness and share it with the world at @pipertheskunk's account. We can't get enough!

OMG, how cute is she? Even though she's mad AF it's hard not to see her like a fussy little toddler. And we're not the only ones! 

"Piper def has a personality on her 😂," commented @ohkush02. She does! She is not afraid to let you know how she feels, even if she's more stomp than stink. There's a reasonable explanation for this, of course. "She from Jersey, LMAO," her dad replied.

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Just like commenter @reptiletrainerjiji, our favorite detail about this video is "the sound of her feet 😭🥰" tippy-tapping all over the hardwood floor. Skunk ASMR, anyone? 

"It’s the skedaddle at the end 😂" that did it for @darkfury010. LOL--we had to go back and see it again! After all of her sass she just decides she's done with the sock, and just like that, it's over. Guess she realized it wasn't going anywhere!

"Maybe she thinks your feet have disappeared 😂," @Hbic_tl94 guessed. "Like how some dogs won’t walk on black rugs." Oh--maybe so! We have no idea what prompted this adorable little tantrum, but we're so glad Piper's dad got it on film. 

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