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Scottish Fold Cat Hears Bagpipes for the First Time and It Couldn't Be More Perfect

Cats are finicky creatures that live by their own rules and whims. One ancestrally loyal cat, however, made us realize some are controlled by a higher power: bagpipes.

In a TikTok video recently posted by @fergusthefold, we see Fergus, a 3 month old Scottish Fold cat, hear bagpipes for the first time when his owner played the Scottish National Anthem. This kitty had the funniest reaction to the music of his ancestors that you have to check out in the video below.

OMG, it is too funny how Fergus rose to action like he was summoned back to his homeland. He looked around as if he was on the look out for an invading army and was ready to defend his turf from the Brits!

People in the comments found this reaction too funny and are posting what they think Fergus was thinking in this moment. @davidm.braley said, mimicking a Scottish accent, '"Ach! I’ve been summoned by the ancestors, laddie!"' and @sally_zoom_call commented, '"Aye! The homeland is calling, and I must go!"' We can definitely imagine Fergus saying these things as he prepares to leave for Scotland!

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Others thought Fergus was being called upon as if he was part of an emergency reserve team to defend Scotland. @take_me2_oz commented, "Tactical Battle Kitten springing into action! Load the sporrans, lads!" and @allmikeishere said, "I think this is the Scottish equal to activating a sleeper agent." Evidently, the Scottish can send emergency signals to all ancestral Scots for assistance, including kittens!

Fergus's reaction to the bagpipes is just too good, and we know he would do a fantastic job defending Scotland if he was summoned by bagpipes.

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