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Sea Lion Takes a Dip in the Pool Then Steal's Man's Lounge Chair in Viral Video

A hilarious and viral video has landed on TikTok account @fjerry that has us wondering what we'd do in this man's position. Although we are unsure where the clip originated, the video has over 2.9 million views and 244K likes on the @fjerry account in just 2 days. 

It seemed like any other day lounging out by the pool, soaking up the sun. That is, until an unexpected visitor took over the pool area. People at this pool quickly pulled out their phones to capture a sea lion taking a dip in the pool, which is just so cool! But what this animal does next really has us LOL'ing.   

OMG. Is that sea lion serious?! There were plenty of open chairs to take, and he still decided to go for the occupied one. LOL! First of all, that dive into the pool was so graceful. It just glided across the pool with such ease. It was amazing! 

And second, we can't stop singing what @michellecruxx said. She wrote, "A dip in the pool, A trip to the spaaaa💅💅💅." Ha, we'd remember those High School Musical 2 lyrics anywhere! Wait a sec, were those lyrics inspired by this sea lion?! Lol, either way, that sea lion was really living out his inner Sharpay Evans! 

TikTok users are wondering what this man was thinking when the sea lion came to his chair. @KerbyFab said, "He just wanted a cuddle, sir! You didn’t have to yank the towel out from him like that. 😂." LOL! Our toxic trait is thinking that the sea lion would actually want to cuddle with us, but as cute as they are, you still have to remember they're wild animals. 

"Sea lion said, 'Since you humans are swimming in my pool, I'm coming to swim in yours,'" commented @Nes Nes. Fair enough sea lion, fair enough. We'd love to watch you swim any time you want!