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Viral Video of Sea Lions Chasing People on a California Beach Wins the Internet

It was just another day at the beach for tourists at this one California location. The whole beach was filled with people laying out in the sun and playing in the water. Nothing could go wrong...right? Well, so they thought. Let's just say these tourists weren't expecting a scare like this at the beach. 

TikTok user @favortown just so happened to be filming the perfect moment at this famous Cali spot. The clip showed all the tourists filling up every inch of the beach. Then all of a sudden, the natural inhabitants of the area decided to kick people out. That was their land! The sea lions started walking on the beach. Sorry, not walking, charging the beach! And within seconds, the area cleared. LOL! The video is now blowing up the Internet. It has over 10.7 million views and 1.4 million likes within the first two days on TikTok. You'll see why! 

O.M.G. What would you do if this happened to you?! We'd be one of the ones running, but also they're so cute we'd think they were coming to play. "Loool I’d be like OMG here’s a frisbee haha sea lions are the puppies of the sea :) this is hilarious tho," said @kittyskating. Exactly our thoughts! The sea lions were definitely taking back their bench from all the tourists. At least that's what the locals were saying in the comments since that beach is only filled with visitors. 

@ReanBean commented, "They really said locals only." That's how any local would get if tourists started to overpopulate their space. @thatsnotveryswaggofyou added, "Love when the La Jolla seals reclaim their beach." They were at their wit's end and didn't know how else to get them to leave so scaring them was the only option! "Nature is reclaiming itself😍😍," said @deepseaparis. And reclaim they did! 

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"Guess the beach is sealed off," wrote @duncetherapy. HA! Well, at least we hope it is! Tourists can still go to the beach to observe the sea lions, but hopefully, this is a wake-up call that this isn't the beach to get your tan on. It's the sea lion's beach! 

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