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Video of Sea Otter and Her Baby Cuddling in the Harbor Is the Definition of Sweetness

Here's a riddle for you: what's cuter than a sea otter? A baby otter--duh! They're so fluffy and curious that they're impossible to love (or at least appreciate). Heck, people go to aquariums just to see these adorable critters!

That's why @seaarose hit the jackpot when she happened upon a mother sea otter cuddling her baby in the harbor where she lives. It's in Alaska, so these animals aren't at all unusual, but the fluffy pair showed more personality in just a few seconds than some animals do in a whole day. It's positively precious!

For two creatures so tiny, their heart-melting cuteness is huge! I would've stayed in the harbor all day just to watch them if I were @seaarose, but by the looks of the video, Mama Otter was in the mood for some privacy. The commenters saw it, too!

"She said come here son that lady is staring at us 😒," joked @satansmuse666--LMAO! That's the exact vibe this otter is giving off, and we are living for it. We totally get it, though--privacy is important! @Kelleemportah had a more meme-worthy take on the situation, though; writing, "'DON’T TALK TO ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN.'” Ah, classic! 

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Meanwhile, her baby is doing their own thing, oblivious to any cameras pointed their way. We feel the exact same way as @strawberryswitchbabe666 who commented, "I can’t handle this amount of cuteness. My brain is short circuiting!" Right? How does one simply move on after witnessing something so sweet?

Even if Mama Otter wasn't as into the encounter as TikTok is, she certainly gave everyone--but especially @seaarose--a moment to remember. We think commenter @orange_sprouts said it perfectly when they wrote, "this literally feels like a gift 🥰." How could it not?

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