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Video of Sea Otter Clapping After Getting a Snack Has Everyone Obsessed

A good snack can flip a sour mood, or even an entire day, around in an instant, just ask TikTok user @k_passionate. In a video that’s gathered over 2.3 million views in just a few weeks, a marine biologist tosses a snack to the most enthusiastic otter we’ve ever seen. Whether it's the unusual gesture itself or the reaction to the food that's making people smile, viewers can't get enough. Ready to see why? (Spoiler alert: it's adorable.)

To quote one of @k_passionate’s replies to a comment, “Meet Katmai! The Queen of otters.” Just wait until you see how cute this little otter is! 

Those whiskers! Those little hands! Those teeth! There’s so much to love about Katmai that we can’t possibly settle on one favorite. We totally agree with @sophiemckee who said, “my toxic trait is the fact I’d cuddle it even though I know the risks 😂.” Get in line, girl!

As irresistible as she is, it’s her excited applause that steals the show. Viewer @dalekneshama commented, “The tiny clapping noises gave me an instant serotonin boost 🤩.” Now imagine this scene from @stressed.possum: “Snacks and a polite golf clap. Basically me at the opera 😂.” 

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Everything about this clip is so precious, from the way she ate with such gusto to the straight-on eye contact while she applauds. This is a small animal with a huge personality! One can only imagine what she's thinking after that yummy treat. "'My compliments to the chef'” wrote, @devo14218, and that's exactly what it looks like she's saying! We may not be otter professionals over here, but we know a good snack when we see one. 

Katmai clearly knows a good snack, too. "Lowkey he was signing “more” in ASL 😭🤍” @daniiwtf5 pointed out.  OMG–it really does look like that! This user does have a point though. Did Katmai get any more snacks? We certainly think she should, and as @patrickdavies03 explained, a “clap like that deserves more fish.” She certainly does! 

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