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Video of Sea Otter Enjoying a Clam Snack at Chicago Aquarium Is So Sweet and Innocent

Sea otters are some of the cutest marine life. They have adorable faces and little paws that are perfect for cracking the shellfish they eat for most of their meals. To demonstrate this, one aquarium employee and her otter helper gave the internet a fish eating lesson.

The TikTok account for the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, @shedd_aquarium, recently shared a video of one of their otters, Watson, with an animal trainer who explained how sea otters crack open various shellfish to extract the meat. Check out the video to see how adorable this animal is and hear the awesome sounds that come from munching on his snack!

OMG, Watson is just the best! We just can't get over how sweet and cuddly he is, and we are very impressed with his ability to crack open those shellfish!

People in the comments were very impressed with Watson's intelligence. @sandramorin603 said, "They are so SMART!" and @chefmichelle_ commented, "GREAT technique, Watson!" It's always impressive to see what instincts and lessons animals have picked up and passed down to other animals!

Others found some lighthearted humor in the video. @itsawol joked, "He knows how to prepare different meals. I dig it." Another user, @flockofteeth commented, "I love how you talked about his bite force and he's like, "LOL, not using it for this one though," and bashed the clam on the floor." Watson was just keeping us on our toes! He made sure to demonstrate the bite on the muscle after the clam.

We love that the Shedd Aquarium makes informational TikTok like this to help us learn more about the marine life. The cute videos of these sweet and innocent animals are definitely a treat!

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