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'Simba' Cam at Seattle Baseball Game Hits It Out of the Park

There's nothing quite like enjoying a night out at the ballpark, cheering on your favorite team. There's endless food, drinks, entertainment and star players. It's a nice change from your normal routine. Plus, everyone is always in a great mood at the games. As long as the home team is winning. LOL! But even if the game isn't going in your favor, there are specific theme nights that might still make it worth it. 

Our personal favorite is 'Bark at the Park' and once you see this video from TikTok user @bodegacorndog, it'll be your favorite too. At one point during the Seattle Mariners game, fans participate in what is known as the Simba cam. So everyone who brought their dogs to the game hold their dogs up just like Simba in The Lion King. And when we say it's everything, we mean it! If you weren't a baseball fan before, this video will surely be hitting a home run straight to your heart!

O.M.G. To say we're obsessed is the understatement of the year. This is way too adorable! And we'll be purchasing tickets to the next 'Bark at the Park' game ASAP! 

"I expected babies but this is so much better," said @d.3ashia. This is 100 times better! Plus, there were so many dogs! It was never-ending. Not like that's a bad thing at all. LOL! "All the dogs just staring at each other 😂," commented @milunova. Ha! They didn't care though because they knew treats were coming. Or at least we hope they were!

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TikTok users are surely about to be baseball fans after seeing this clip. @whatmojoloves wrote, "And all of a sudden I’m a Mariners fan and must go to a game 🐶." Here we come Seattle! @Cynthia Hannon79 added, "I would go to their games just to see this moment." Do people go for other things? LOL! 

And just because we can't get enough of this 'Simba Cam,' here's part two! 

"Not a single frown in that entire stadium! I LOVE IT!!" said @JoannaLynC. Who could frown when watching this?! We bet it's even better in person!

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