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Seattle Mariners Player's Dogs Celebrate Him Being Inducted Into the Hall of Fame in Adorable Video

Any dog parent will tell you that their pups are their kids. They hold high importance to us and are viewed as integral members of the family. For this reason, dogs should be included in all celebrations. Luckily, we've recently seen an increase in dogs being included in wedding ceremonies, but what about including them in other events? One baseball team decided to make that happen.

The TikTok account for the Seattle Mariners baseball team, @mariners, recently shared a clip from the Hall of Fame induction celebration for outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. This is a very special occasion, and one that all ball players dream of, so it's only fitting to include their family in the ceremony. As part of the celebration, the team played a pre-recorded congratulations video from some of Ichiro's closest family members: his dogs! Check out the video to see what Ichiro's two Shibu Inus, Tenro and Kikyu, have to say to their dad!

This is so adorable! These two pups had a lot to say, including several "Good boy"s and and a request for extra treats. We love that Ichiro's team thought to include Tenro and Kikyu in the ceremony to make it even more special.

People in the comments loved that these pups were included in the ceremony.  @sarah_when_your_mom101 said, "Highlight of the game honestly," and @robertrobinson33074 commented, "How freakin' awesome is this? Dogs are family. Period." This is such a great example of how all important events can be improved with the inclusion of dogs!

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Others commended Tenro and Kikyu on such a lovely message. @crispyhomefry commented, "Best congrats message ever!" and @cinghialetta said, "OMG, the best message EVER!" We don't think it would have been possible to write a better message!

We love that the Seattle Mariners included Ichiro's dogs in this ceremony, and can't wait to see more and more dogs included in events like this in the future!

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