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Woman Sneaks a Kitten Into Her Office and People Are So Here for It

What would make going to the office a bit more bearable? More coffee? Different hours? What about a sleepy kitten in your desk drawer? That's the strategy @stephaniewelker took recently, and while we can't confirm her work was any less complicated, it was definitely a whole lot cuter. 

We would love to work under those conditions! As distracting as they might be, we'd find a way to make it work. Hopefully, Stephanie did too!

That's too cute it's just not fair! We will no longer accept any job offers unless they allow--no, encourage--pets in the office. Who's with us?

"Best office ever," agreed @daniellelowe86. If this were the norm, we'd be way more excited for work. Everything seems a little more fun with a best friend around. This particular little furball seems like the "cutest assistant ever 😍," as @monicacolszewskim put it, though we think they might make a nice paper shredder when they get older, too. JK!

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"Oh!!! I need a secret kitten drawer!!!" commenter @lauralindamoore said. Right? Everyone needs a secret kitten drawer, whether in the office or at home, and we're prepared to help the trend get started. Why couldn't desks come with more drawers for kittens?!

The only flaw to this plan is the one @melfayeshep pointed out: "when the cat decides it's got to go potty." LOL, that's true! Any smart pet parent will want to make a litter box plan, even if that does mean keeping one under your desk. Just don't forget to keep it clean!

"As a Boss, I'd allow it just as long I get cuddles!!" @ladybugluck admitted. You're the kind of boss we like to have! With a cutie pie like this, we're sure there's plenty of snuggles to go around. 

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