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Robert Irwin's Selfie With 'Co-Pilot' Pug Is Nothing Short of Adorable

Most animal lovers know the Irwin surname from Steve Irwin, the deceased crocodile hunter that promoted environmental conservation. Since his passing in 2006, his children have carried on his legacy as animal lovers, and they gone into similar careers as their father. One of his children, Robert, is not only a zookeeper and wildlife conservationist, but he is also a dog dad to one precious pup!

Robert Irwin recently shared a photo of his pug, Stella, on an Instagram account dedicated to the pup, @stellairwinthepug. In the photo, the two are sitting in the car together and the caption refers to Robert as Stella's "co-pilot." Check out the post below to see this adorable duo for yourself!

Awww, Stella is just the cutest! We love the strong bond that she has with Robert and can tell those two love each other very much. It's lovely to see how much Robert takes after his father as an animal lover and wildlife protector!

People in the comments couldn't believe how precious this photo is. One user, @disturbedcanadian, said, "You're a very cute co-pilot, Stella!" Others thought Stella was doing a great job as co-pilot, such as @guilfoyletracey, who commented, "Everyone needs a good co-pilot!" Many others in the comments wished Stella a happy national pug day, which was October 15 in the United States. This pup is clearly loved by many across the internet!

We are just in love with little Stella. We know she makes a wonderful co-pilot and are so glad she has someone like Robert to take care of her! Stella is one lucky pug.

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