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Senior Beagle Being Overlooked by Adopters Because of Her Age Breaks Our Hearts

We don't understand how senior dogs are often overlooked when someone wants to bring home a dog. We get that they might not be as energetic as a puppy or that they don't have as many years left, but they still have so much love left to give. That's why when we see senior dogs in the shelter, our hearts break into a million pieces. 

TikTok user @tribeagles, an animal rescue in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently held an adopt-a-thon with the hopes many of their dogs would find future homes. One of those dogs was Sophie, a 12-year-old beagle. Aww, poor Sophie doesn't deserve to live in a shelter and you'll see why in this clip. It makes us wonder, who wouldn't want to adopt a sweet senior doggo? 

Ugh, our hearts are completely broken. Look how sweet Sophie is! She's happy as can be and she even shows off her tricks. Like come on, did you see how she sat on her back paws with the front ones up?! Such a good listener! There's no doubt in our minds that she'd fit right into a family. 

This video only further proves what @emily777sux said. The comment reads, "Senior pups deserve love too." They deserve to know happiness in their last years. Another TikToker, @user8402363394008, added, "My last 2 adoptions were senior beagles. Seniors are the best!!" See? Senior doggos are wonderful. People who have senior dogs will tell you that time and time again. That's why these precious animals deserve to have a home for the last of their days. 

"I'd take her in a heartbeat," said @danna_0203_. How could you not want her? She's a cutie! And we bet many of you are interested in adopting Sophie. So if that's the case, check out the Tri Beagles website. Let's hope TikTok magic will bring Sophie home to a loving family very soon!