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Video of 15-Year-Old Cat Dumped by His Owner Because She Was Tired of His 'Messes' Breaks Our Hearts

We would do anything for our pets because they are loved members of our family and deserve to be treated as such. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same view about their pets. One video about a senior cat that was dumped by his owner is going viral and breaking our hearts.

Fostering Felines is a cat rescue in Ohio. On their TikTok page, @fosteringfelinesoh, they recently shared a video of a 15-year-old cat that was left to be euthanized by his owner because he was throwing up and having urinary accidents, and she was tired of cleaning up after him. Check out the video to see how Fostering Felines stepped in to help this poor boy!

OMG, we are heartbroken for this sweet kitty! We would never abandon our pets just because they start to become a little bit more work. We can't even image how confused and sad he must be now.

People in the comments were so happy that Fostering Felines intervened on behalf of this kitty. @lrod04569 said, "This video is heartwarming. Thank you for rescuing him. He is so precious!" Another user, @kellylynn4412, commented, "You are the best! What a sweet angel. Glad he found you!" This cat definitely has a guardian angel on his shoulder!

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Others were flabbergasted about the actions of his previous owners. @the_dutchessdes commented, "Sweet boy! I could never, and I don’t understand people who do this," and @slockwood23 said, "Poor kitty! How can people be so heartless!" We certainly don't understand how his previous owner could just dump this sweet baby!

We hope this beautiful cat can recover from his illness and become more comfortable in these new circumstances. Hopefully someone adopts him because he deserves to live out the rest of his life in a loving and safe environment with people who will care for him!

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