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18-Year-Old Cat's Sweet Response to Seeing Mom After a Trip Makes Our Hearts Happy

There is nothing like coming home after a long trip away. Sometimes you miss your own bed! You know who else is so happy when you come home? Your pets. They probably were counting down the days until you got back. That's exactly what happened when one woman on TikTok returned home from vacation. Her cat had the sweetest reaction when she walked in the door and it's the best thing on the internet today. 

We're sure pet mama Mandee (@mandee_flanders) was so happy to be home after her trip. But the warm welcome she received was totally worth it. "Come home to my pets after 10 days of travel," the video's text overlay states. At first her cat, who is 18 years old, didn't hear her mama when she called out to her. But then she finally heard her mama's voice and looked so excited. You need to see their reunion. We're practically in tears!

"She is my favorite part of coming home," the mama wrote in the caption.

So many people were touched by the heartwarming video that the footage has been watched over 470,000 times. "Did she immediately start making biscuits once she realized you were home?" @airforkwan1 asked in the comments section. "I don’t want to be dramatic…..but I’d die for her," @cmcarter03 teased. "So precious! We had a deaf dog that could hear/feel bass but it looks like she reacted to the higher pitch," @tie.dye.rose27 shared. "We went on vacay and my cat reacted just like this when we got back," @skyewoodley424 chimed in.

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Later in the thread, the TikToker clarified that her cat wasn't left alone during her vacation. "They are always in the care of a pet sitter (or my husband!) when I travel for work," she wrote. 

And we can tell she really missed her girl too. "I've told my husband if I was ever forced to choose between the two of them that I'd choose her," she joked. Such a good mom!

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