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Senior Chihuahua Gets a Tiny Tortilla for His 17th Birthday and We're in Love

If there's one thing we're almost certain of, it's that one Chihuahua received the absolute best birthday gift. The senior dog was so excited when he found out his owners made him a special breakfast to celebrate his 17th birthday. Take a look!

Little Gizzard brings so much joy to his parents. Whether that be dressing up in costumes or sharing a snack with his owners. So was it too much to ask that the little guy get some pure joy of his own to celebrate the big 1-7? As can be seen on Gizzard's TikTok page @_gizzard, his owners wanted to go big for his birthday. So they made him the ultimate birthday treat. "Made my Chihuahua a tiny tortilla this morning because it's his 17th birthday," his owner wrote in the onscreen caption. "Happy Gotcha Day/Birthday Gizzard!" the caption states. Gizzard seems so darn happy. We just know this was his best birthday yet.

With over 520,000 views, it seems like Gizzard has a whole fan club ready to help him celebrate. "No way it’s his 17th!? Precious, spunky baby!" @whoriitorii wrote. "The 'a-ow's' in the background so cuuuute!!!" @natolini chimed in. "Omg he deserves it sooo much!! The way he took it, the joy!! Ahhh," @ju_smitty added. 

And other Chihuahua owners were cheering the pup on too. "My chihuahua turned 17 in March, they are immortal," @bog..witch shared. "My baby is 15 this year! This gives me hope to have some more good years with him," @coyote_kris23 added. "Yesterday was my Chihuahua’s 14th I should have made him a tortilla," @niijntjes lamented. 

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Yep, Gizzard is pretty much the happiest teenager we've ever seen. 

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