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Rescued Senior Chihuahua's Sweet Bond With Little Girl Has Us in Our Feelings

Sometimes, it takes the right person--or dog--to help someone shine their brightest. TikTok user, mom, and dog mom @mariashingle was lucky enough to watch this magic happen between her daughter and their rescued Chihuahua, and now she's sharing their story for all to see. We aren't the least bit surprised that this sweet tale is making its way around TikTok, but even we were in awe of how cute this duo truly is.

Take a look for yourself! Maria was originally told that the sweet dog hated children, but as you can see, he showed his new family otherwise. 

Just look at these two! This is the dream for anyone who has both kids and pets--it's like they have a built-in best friend. No wonder we nearly shed a tear! 

Viewers are just as in love with this chi-child team as we are, and the comments are just as sweet as the video. Check out this one from @bonitaboricua381!

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"Hey. It just takes the right kind of person to connect with a dog," they said. "She is definitely it!!! 🥰🥰." Maria totally agrees, and so do we! Judging by these pictures and the adorable clips on this mama's profile, her two babies are the best of friends.

"Your daughter has a kind heart thanks to you🥰," @cgc662 added. "Animals can feel that." So true! That's such a kind compliment to give to a mom, and we're sure Maria appreicated it wholeheartedly. The fact that Maria adopted a sweet senior pup like this guy just proves how great of a person she is. 

Besides, there are so many reasons why an older dog can make the greatest companion--commenter @riley2gabby agreed. "Senior pets are the best, sweetest video 💕💕💕🐕," they wrote. We have a feeling we haven't seen the last of these two! 

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