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Senior Chihuahua Trains Puppy to Follow Basic Commands in Heartwarming Video

After watching this TikTok clip from @alilbitofsugar_snoopy, we’re convinced it will be easy to add another dog to the family. We know that’s not really the case, just wishful thinking. But how could you not after seeing this Chihuahua helping out the 8-month-old dog?  

The creator’s 12-year-old Chihuahua knows how to walk off-leash and can listen to commands very well. Not only is she a good girl, but she’s also a great older doggie sister. She took it into her own paws to help the family’s new pup to learn the ropes. The clip shows the two of them running toward the camera, both off-leash! The dad says how proud he is, as he should be. This is a tale of dogs raising dogs!   

Not only was the owner proud of the little pup, but you can see the older Chihuahua was proud, too! That’s probably because she knew all of her training paid off, and if the new puppy is trained, that means more treats and playtime! Well, hopefully! 

Turns out a lot of TikTok users have had similar experiences with their dogs. One commenter, @AAVEWhiteGirl, said, “I never had to train my other Chihuahuas cuz my eldest female taught them all.” That’s absolutely amazing! “I stand by raising puppies with older dogs,” wrote @Tik Toker. That’s it, we’re getting another dog! LOL. Let’s just hope the older dog doesn’t pass along any of the bad habits...

“Awesome. I hope you pay her the hourly wage of 2 treats per hour,” wrote @Cyndrisa. Maybe raise it up to 4 because of inflation. We don’t make the rules here!