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Senior Corgi Playing With Her Little Sister Is the Wholesome Content We All Need

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes--and ages! If you need any proof just take a look at these two Corgi girls! Scout and Gracie may be 10 years apart in age, but that has zero effects on their ever-deepening friendship. 

Their human mom, @mommyfarmer, caught the fur sisters in a special moment of play, and the video is too cute for words. How could you top two precious corgis

We. Are. In. Love! It's so sweet how the younger pup keeps her zoomies small so she stays near her sister. They're both having a ball!

"Gracie is my favorite animal on your farm," @kcsnasalady commented/ "Her eyes are so sweet and almost human! She reminds me of my baby Roxy so much." That's precious! Gracie is the older girl of the duo here, but she's just as caring for her sister as her sis is for her! 

We loved @kakou76's comment about "the eye stare they have before going at it 🥰🥰." It's one of the best parts of playtime with dogs! That little pause can say so much to a pup--but to us, it looks so funny. 

"They had been playing for a while before I started recording," explained @mommyfarmer "Stare down of who was making next move 😂🥰." Well, that's what dogs do! 

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