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Story of Senior Cow Living Her Best Life at a Sanctuary Is Just Beautiful

We're so thankful to hear constant stories of animals being rescued. It always warms our hearts. But what we don't hear enough of is the updates on these rescues and how the animals are adjusting. We'll gladly take more of those stories!

Luckily, TikTok user @thegentlebarn is giving us an update on the senior cow they rescued. This beautiful cow was brought to The Gentle Barn in Missouri after she spent years having her babies taken from her for the meat industry. But she's now living her best life and we're here for it!

Aww! The sanctuary wrote in the comments that they're all so proud of her. As they should be! Heck, we're beyond proud of her and we're just meeting her now. We love how much she's grown since being rescued over the summer. She's clearly getting all the love she needs! Plus, all the cookies and scratches and massages. Very much deserved after what she's been through!  

"So happy for this senior cow! May she have the best days of her life along with the others who live there. LOVE these stories!" said @catmomkim1. SAME! We could listen to these stories all week long. They always make us cry. Happy tears of course!

@8675309_m wrote, "Thank you for giving her a happily ever after." We know saying thank you will never be enough, but we still have to. Thank you times a million for saving these babies! "This is how all animals should live. Free, happy loved," added @ginnacaldwell. Retweet!


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