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Foster Dog Mom Shares the Reality of Adopting Seniors in Emotional Video

Nothing is more tragic than thinking about the senior dogs that are living out the ends of their lives in an uncomfortable shelter because these pups deserve to spend their last days loved and spoiled. One woman can't bear to watch this happen and shares her selfless solution in a viral video.

TikTok user @sarah__elizabeth5 recently shared a video of one of her adopted senior dogs explaining why she adopts so many elderly dogs. In the video, she says that she is honored to give them the love and care they so desperately need as they cross the rainbow bridge. Check out the video below to see what else she says about her emotional experience.

Oh my goodness, we are in tears. This woman says the heartbreak is worth it knowing these dogs received the best end of life care possible. She is incredibly selfless and generous to provide such wonderful end of life experiences to her adopted pups. We admire her endlessly!

People in the comments are amazed her compassion for these dogs. @judydelarosa3 said, "You are a very special person," and @carlamartinez_2001 commented, "Wow, there's a special place in heaven for you! Thank you for this." People like this woman are a daily inspiration to us!

Others shared their own experiences adopting senior dogs. @sl11111111113 commented, "I only got 6 months with my last senior rescue and it was the most magical 6 months of my life, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He was my soulmate." Another user, @selwayoga, said, "We are on our second senior rescue. All they need is love. It’s worth the hurt to lose them knowing they left the world loved." We are so glad there are people like this doing such amazing acts of selflessness for these sweet dogs!

When you adopt a senior dog, you know that you won't have as much time with them as you would with a younger dog. However, that shortened time will mean the world to a senior dog, and you will receive so much love from them in return!

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