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Woman Takes Her Senior Dog to 'Build a Bear' and We Can't Stop Crying

It's so hard to think about, but the years with your dog are fleeting. In the blink of an eye they go from puppy to adult dog. So we really don't blame one woman for making a special trip to Build-A-Bear so that she could make herself an extra-special stuffy to commemorate her dog. 

The TikTok creator Val (@inzunza17) just wanted to make sure she always had "a piece" of her 15-year-old Maltipoo Teddy. So what better way to make sure they're always together than with a very special Build-A-Bear. "I cut pieces of his hair and stuffed it into a bear," she explained in the video's text overlay. Even more sweet is that Val brought Teddy to the Build-A-Bear store with her in a little stroller. But watch the video below to see their whole trip! 

"The tattoo on my arm is a T for his name, Teddy," she explained later in the comments section.

The video has since been watched over 350,000 times and the comments section was in tears over the touching gesture. "OMG now I want to take my dog too," @datpinalife wrote. "Not going to lie this is a great idea," @sindydiaz1 agreed. "Crying while I’m at happy hour," @doitlikeale admitted. "Omggg this is beautiful. Def doing this," @user5577690575984 chimed in. 

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While another commenter wrote that Teddy was looking pretty good for 15. 

"He acts like he is 8 instead of 15!" @inzunza17 joked. Maybe that's why Teddy's retained his youthful looks. "Hope he sticks around for a while longer," she added. 

The dog mama also shared that she recorded Teddy's bark, which can be placed in the bears too. We're sure if Teddy could say thank you, he definitely would.

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