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Video of Senior Dog With Cleft Palate Awaiting Adoption Is Going Viral

There are many people who have felt insecure about their appearance at some point in their lives. However, one of the most important lessons a parent can teach their child is to love yourself and be confident no matter what. One pup is embodying this positive mindset in a video that is going viral.

TikTok user @uniquelyk9 recently shared a video of one of the dogs available for adoption at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida. In the video, we meet Dexter, a senior Pit Bull with a cleft palate, which is a slight deformity around the mouth and nose. Despite this, Dexter remains hopefully in his search for a home. Check out the video to see this good boy and help him get adopted!

Awww, we think Dexter is just precious. Even with his cleft palate, we think he is adorable, and his differences are part of what make him unique!

People in the comments are falling in love with this amazingly resilient pup. @trashmouthvegan said, "Scary!? Dexter is super cute, and look at how damn happy he is! He's perfect." Another user, @abbisxhieving, commented, "I love Dexter. I love his cute face and his wonderful smile. I can’t wait for him to find the perfect home." People who think Dexter looks scary are fools!

Others are wishing Dexter good luck in his search for a home. @saipanriya commented, "Seem like a sweet boy, hope he find his forever home soon!" and @thelifeofhercandmag said, "Dexter is such a handsome guy! We hope he finds a loving home soon, he deserves the best!" We can't think of a pup more deserving of endless belly rubs than Dexter!

It's wonderful how happy and hopeful Dexter is. Many times, shelter dogs will lose their sparkle and optimism because of their missing family, but not this pup. We know he will find his perfect person very soon!

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