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Video of Senior Dog Braving the Stairs to Visit Her 'Favorite Contractor' Is Precious

As our dogs get older, we start to notice they move a bit slower and spend more time sleeping than playing. It's an inevitable part of owning a senior dog, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. However, one elderly pup had a spark of motivation to find the energy to perform a strenuous task, and her mom captured the amazing moment on video.

TikTok user @charlottesigurdson_art recently shared a video of their senior black Labrador, Maddie, going to greet her "favorite contractor," Roy. In the video, Maddie slowly climbs up the stairs of her house for the first time in months to say hello to Roy, who is working upstairs. Check out the video to see this sweet pup brave these stairs for her best friend!

Awww, this is so sweet! Maddie clearly loves Roy and will do whatever she must to spend time with him. We hope he gives her a lot of lovin' in return!

People in the comments are very interested in the relationship between Maddie and Roy. @tesskay1987 said, "Here for Maddie and Roy’s eternal love story," and @kirahnicole1 commented, "I am so invested in Maddie and Roy." This is the ultimate love story!

Others are emotional over the love these two have for each other. @walmartfbi commented, "I immediately started sobbing my eyes out. Bless her," and @lauradiamond15 said, "I am not emotionally stable enough to handle this." We can't help but get a bit teary-eyed ourselves!

We are so glad Maddie still has the energy to do the things that truly matter, like visiting her favorite contractor. We hope there's plenty of things for Roy to fix around the house so Maddie is able to see him again soon!

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