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Video of Little Senior Dog Patiently Waiting for Dad to Get Home Is So Precious

Almost any dog parent will tell you that the best part of the day is coming home to their beloved fur babies--including us! The unbridled joy of that reunion is unmatched by anything else, and it's so special to know that it makes our pup's day, too. Just look at this sweet senior toy poodle waiting for his daddy!

Zippy, who is one half of the @zippyandsamoyed duo, loves to wait by the front door while his dad is at work. He's such a patient little man!

Aww, what a cutie pie! We love this lil' guy's loyalty to his dad, but it also makes us a bit sad to think of him sitting in one spot all day. We know he has a fur sibling and a mom at home, though!

"Ohhh my little Millie does the same thing waiting for my hubs 🥺," shared commenter @rachmariestudio. That's so sweet! Zippy's mom replied, "he also does this when he knows I’m about to get home from work 🥺," and our hearts are positively melting. Dogs are so loving! What did we ever do to deserve them?

As precious as all these stories are, our favorite comment came from Zippy's dad himself: @jellodang. He said, "but he doesn't want to cuddle with me 😔," and I promise we're not laughing! That's such a relatable move from a dog, though. So many pups beg for attention just to act aloof! At least they're still cute...

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