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Dad's Special Way of Playing Fetch With Senior Dog Has People in Tears

One of the most special responsibilities in our lifetime is being a dog parent. It's an experience we wouldn't trade for the world. However, with this wonderful responsibility comes the time we all dread: when our dogs become noticeably old. One man saw one of his dogs struggle to keep up with the others, and he found the perfect accommodation for her.

TikTok user @jadegreenvegan recently shared a video of her husband playing fetch with their four dogs. The text on the video tells us that one of their pups is a 13-year-old named Panda. This fur baby was not able to keep up with her siblings while playing fetch, so her dad came up with a unique solution so she doesn't feel left out. Check out the video below to see how Panda plays fetch in her old age!

Aww, this is so sweet! We are so sorry that Panda is not able to run as much or as fast as she used to, but we love that she is still able to participate! Her dad's special solution to toss a second ball a few seconds after the first at a much closer distance is a special indication of his love for Panda.

People in the comments are amazed at this act of love. @lalexander521 said, "Such a sweet accommodation," and @longshot2112 commented, "Lots of love for the senior pup, keeping her active. She appreciates it, too, by the looks of it!" Great job to this dog dad. As dog parents, it's so important for us to take special note of how we can make our dogs comfortable and healthy!

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Others praised Panda's parents for their efforts to accommodate her old age. @rebeccacsibi commented, "Good job, Panda! Great senior dog parenting," and @vanessarabie said, "Priceless. They are blessed to have you guys as their mom and dad!" If only all dogs were as lucky as these four pups to have parents who cared and loved as much as these two do!

We just know Panda appreciates and loves her dad so much for bringing a second ball just for her. We know how much dogs love playing fetch, and it would be tragic if Panda had to give this activity up because of her age. Here's to many more years of playing fetch with Panda!

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