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Senior Dog Sweetly Helps Terrified Foster Pup Feel at Ease and Our Hearts Can't Take It

Foster dogs can be timid and scared around new people and in new environments due to past trauma. As foster parents, we do everything we can to make these pups feel safe and loved, but sometimes, it's just not enough. One senior dog took matters into his own paws in order to help his foster brother feel more comfortable and the result is amazing.

TikTok user and content creator @rachelfusaro shared a video of her efforts to acclimate her new foster pup, Marlowe, to their house. Marlowe was a recent rescue from a puppy mill and had lived her whole life in confinement. When Marlowe would not come out of her crate at the house, Rachel had to call in back up: her senior chocolate Labrador, Bentley, who has helped his owners foster over 60 rescue dogs. Check out the video to see what Marlowe did when Bentley intervened.

OMG, this is just the sweetest thing. After seeing Bentley, Marlowe immediately came out of her cage and explored the yard! It's so heartwarming that Marlowe trusted her foster family more with another pup there with her.

People in the comments are praising Bentley for being such a wonderful foster brother and making Marlowe feel at ease. @supportanimalshelters said, "You're truly a hero, along with Bentley. The universe needs more of y’all." Another user, @niccodoggy, commented, "Great job, Bentley! I think Bentley deserves a treat for his great work." Bentley was able to give Marlowe confirmation, from one pup to another, that she would be safe here, and he let her know she could relax without fear.

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Others expressed their sympathy for Marlowe. @jack.ie26.1 commented, "Breaks my heart! I’m glad this pup is safe with you," and @karlitapl77 said, "Oh, when her paw covered her eyes as you went to pet her, poor sweet pup!" We can't believe there are monsters out there treating these sweet dogs so horribly that it cause reactions like this. 

Rachel has posted many videos of Marlowe to her TikTok account, including the one below showing this sweet foster cuddling on the floor with her husband. We love that Marlowe is starting to feel more comfortable already!

With the lovely help of Bentley and the patience and kindness of her foster momma, Marlowe seems to be in good hands, and we can't wait to see where she heads next in her journey towards adoption.

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