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Video of Senior Dog Living His Best Life in Paris Is Everything

The following video is just so special and so magical it will give you all of the happy feels. Oh my goodness it is just everything! So the TikTok account @Herboozytails has this beautiful senior dog named Cooper with mobility issues and when the couple moved to Paris everyone suggested they leave their beloved dog behind.

Watch this beautiful video and see how Cooper spends his days now. It's just amazing. 

As @Herboozytails posts in the comments, "Just because a dog is older doesn’t mean they don’t love exploring and being with you just as much (if not more) than they did when they were younger." Truer words were never spoken. @Cookiesbourdeaux comments, "You don’t leave family members behind. Of course he must go with you. The French love dogs." @Meg says, "Lucky boy. So glad you brought him with you!! Dogs aren't furniture meant to be left behind in a move (unless absolutely necessary, of course)" @Tikatheiggy says what we are all feeling right now, "BRB moving to Paris." 

We love how happy Cooper looks and how thrilled his owners must be that their beloved baby gets to stay with him. Paris looks darn good on this dog! 

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