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Couple's Inspiring Rescue Story Shows How Much Love Senior Dogs Have to Give

As much as we'd like to think that every shelter dog finds a home, the reality is that some dogs are much more likely to stay in the shelter. This includes senior pups, who are actually some of the most silly, affectionate dogs you'll ever meet.

Fortunately, a lot of pet owners and social media influencers are taking to the Internet to prove just how great older dogs can be. This includes @zippyandsamoyed's parents! They recently posted the most heartwarming video to their TikTok account, and now everyone is in love with their elder dog, a 13-year-old miniature Poodle named Zippy. His rescue story is as sweet as it gets!

We're so happy for Zippy and his lil' family! Every senior pup deserves to be loved like this, so we hope this video inspires someone out there to consider adding an older dog to their pack. If you need any more convincing, though, just ask commenter @stephaniegivens59.

"We adopted a senior dog a few months ago he is the sweetest dog," she said. That's amazing! It can certainly take a while for any rescued animal to get used to a new environment, so she must be doing something right.

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And so are Zippy's mom and dad! We're on the exact same page as @_cyncha who wrote, "🥰omg thank you for giving the love he deserves! he is so happy!!" He really, really is. Those excited little hops are the stuff of dreams--we could even watch that clip on repeat by itself!

Honestly, though, we don't think we'll have to. Zippy may be 13 years old already, but we have no doubt he and his parents are going to make so many more videos together. Just like @ittybittygenius said, "My poodle lived to 18! I see a great future for this lil guy." So do we! 

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