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Video of Mom Taking What Might Be a Final Swim With Her Senior Dog Has Us in Tears

One of the most painful things about being a pet owner is watching your fur baby grow old. Slowly they become more and more tired or their joints start bothering them. They, unfortunately, can't do as many things as they used to before.

And TikTok user @gracieoconnnor knows that, which is why she decided to do something special for her 14-year-old dog. She used to go swimming with her Golden Retriever all the time. Plus, she knows it's the only way to help alleviate her fur baby's pain. You'll be sobbing once you watch what might be their last swim together. 

Aww, this is bringing us to tears. We're so glad she was able to take her doggo swimming again, but our hearts are also breaking to know her Golden Retriever is in pain and this might be one of the last swims. 

The caption is speaking volumes to us. "I'll never understand why dogs have to age so fast 😢," it reads. We will never, ever understand. "Sweet baby is living her best life. I wish they lived forever," added @jamison_brooks. Don't we all?

@maurawill51 pointed out, "You can tell how grateful she is." You really can! She's loving her swim and we hope she gets to do it a few more times. "I am sobbing crying 😭 This really hit hard. You are amazing 💙💙💙💙," said @r08664782. Such a sweet thing to do for her dog! 


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