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Kind People Give Senior Dog With Terminal Cancer a Home So Her Final Days Will Be Filled With Love

Every animal deserves love — no matter how old they are. This is especially true of animals who are sick and need love and attention, like one senior pit bull on TikTok who found a new home after getting diagnosed with cancer. The tragic story was explained in a new video online. Fair warning, you might just need to watch with a box of tissues nearby. 

The heartbreaking footage was shared by the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire (@arlnh), who wanted Neeka's story to be seen  by as many people as possible. Neeka was "surrendered at 11 years due to landlord breeding discrimination," the video's text overlay states. But then things got worse. "Her family didn't know cancer had taken over her body," it continues. "Her x-rays showed cancer spread to her lungs." The look in her eyes has us in tears! 

Thankfully, "there are good people out there" and Neeka has found a new home. "Senior pups deserve kindness and peace in their final days," the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section were so emotional over Neeka's story. "Sweet Neeka. Thank you for loving her as she deserves!!!" @myshell1111 wrote. "I would live in a box before I would give up my babies. Poor sweet girl," @miss00kriss stated. "She looks so loved and content in last photo. Truly warms my heart that she got the love she deserves," @kellydragonfly agreed. "Sad to see seniors in shelters. So glad to see this beauty in a HOME for whatever time she has left. HUMANS WE NEED TO DO BETTER. Blessings," @maryjanebalicki68 urged. 

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So true. Thank goodness this story has a happy ending!

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