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Video of Bonded Senior Dogs Running Out of Time in Texas Shelter Is Breaking Hearts

We hate the thought of any animal having to be forced to cross the rainbow bridge, but the unfortunate reality is that shelters across the country are overcrowded. That's why many shelters are finding their way to TikTok in hopes of increasing awareness of animals that need to be adopted. And we love that idea! Even if that means getting heartbroken listening to every animal's story.

One of those shelters is known on TikTok as @thefarnetwork. This Fort Worth, Texas shelter shares videos of their animals that are unfortunately very close to being euthanized, and the one we're passing along is about two adorably bonded senior dogs. Meet Gerty and Bertha. The two are best friends. And it's time someone takes them to live our the last of their days. Watch the clip to learn more, but be prepared because it will break your heart.  

Aww, these poor doggos. The two besties need to be adopted together because well, why would anyone want to separate them?! And they need to be adopted ASAP. Our hearts broke into a million pieces when the video said they're dangerously close to being code red. 

"Come on guys, someone go get these too. Look at how sweet they are. Give them the best final days they have left," said @Giorgio.Bousdas. Yes, times 1000! They look like the sweetest, most loving duo we've ever seen. 

Another TikTok user, @kaitlynros3, added, "Seniors deserve the best ♥️." They deserve the world! No animal should have to live out their last days in a shelter. @Marlen Ramirez commented, "Seniors are the best. All they do is sleep and cuddle..." Right?! Let's hope they can sleep and cuddle together in a nice warm home very soon.