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Senior Golden Retriever's Reaction to Meeting New Puppy Is Simply the Best

Our senior dogs need a moment of appreciation. From being a puppy to their golden years, older dogs have been the most loyal companions and the best of friends. So what could be better than getting your senior dog a new BFF? That's what a recent video on TikTok shows, after a TikTok creator shared the first meeting between her family's senior Golden and her own brand new Golden puppy. And their reaction to seeing each other is everything!

The adorable moment is sure to be a happy memory for everyone involved. As the footage from @louiethecream shows, Zeus was just a little bit hyped for the surprise. "Zeus is my family's senior Golden and he lit up when he met my new puppy," the video's text overlay states. And yep, that is one happy pooch. Take a look at his incredible reaction. You can tell he's having the time of his life. 

"Louie’s standing there like," his owner joked in the caption, before adding a happy face emoji. And yes, he seems confused but totally happy. 

The comments section was here for this budding friendship. In fact, more than 2 million people have watched the footage and were completely obsessed. "I think you mean he lit up when he saw his new puppy," @braidenwilson15 joked. "Seeing old dogs get the zoomies still warms my heart," @chiefmcnuggs wrote. "He’s like 'finally, a buddy to play with,'" @arijo._ added, before adding a crying emoji. "He kept coming back to tell you," @elliewaterstram noted. 

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But commenter @sarahbaldridge1 could practically read Zeus' mind through the screen: "Oh yasss, I approve guys," she wrote. 

We're sure that Louie is thankfully to have someone in the family that will show him the ropes. 

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