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Two Senior Poodles Surrendered to Florida Rescue Are Breaking Hearts

As animal lovers, there are few things more upsetting than the seeing an animal suffer. All pets are deserving of care and love, but unfortunately, not all receive that from their owners. Two senior dogs were not given the care they needed before being surrendered to a rescue, and the result is heartbreaking.

True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission is an animal rescue organization in Venice, Florida. On their TikTok, @trueandfaithful, they recently shared a video of two senior poodles that were surrendered to their rescue in poor shape and in need medical care. Check out the video to see their sad story and help these pups get the medical treatment they need!

Oh my goodness, this makes us so sad. We can't believe someone would surrender these elderly dogs, and it is clear they were not well cared for before. We hope they are able to make a full recovery and live their rest of their lives with the love and care they deserve.

People in the comments are very upset over these poodles' story. @hi.its.me_27 said, "My heart breaks for these babies. I’m sending a small donation." Another user, @ksbdixi77 commented, "My heart breaks for animals that are abandoned when they’re older. They given you all the unlimited loyalty they have, and this is how you repay them." We will never understand how people could treat their pets like this!

Others are sending their well wishes for these dogs. @jes_21093 commented, "Praying for a happy life for them," and @luvtacos8 said, "Poor babies, I hope they are doing well." We have faith that everything will turn out well for these pups now that they are in good hands!

We are thankful for people like those at True and Faithful for the good work they do to keep their local animals safe and well taken care of. We hope they are able to give these poodles everything they need to be happy and comfortable!

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