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Video of Senior Pug 'Patiently Waiting' for His Breakfast Has Us Rolling With Laughter

It's pretty common to be cranky in the morning when you haven't had your breakfast yet. If you have to rely on someone else to get you your food, it's no surprise when you get a bit testy with them. This was the case for one pup who was 'patiently waiting' for his mom to give him breakfast in this viral video.

TikTok user @thepugandthewolf recently shared a video of her pug, Jake, sitting and waiting to be served breakfast. In the video, Jake provides several preparation instructions and issues a few complaints about having to wait so long for his food. Check out the video to see what Jake had to say about his breakfast preparation process!

LOL, Jake is too funny! We think he's a trooper for 'patiently waiting' for his breakfast, but his mom should still work on cutting down on the prep time. We don't want Jake to go hungry!

People in the comments were indigent over the injustice of Jake's wait time. @doodlebug424 said, "Tell them Jake! You're being starved to death, I can see that too," and @g.puglove, commented, "#JusticeForJake." It's totally unfair how long Jake has to wait to be served breakfast!

Others thought this was a good lesson to teach Mom that she needs to make breakfast faster. @marudna_pomidorzyca commented, "Senior dogs are something, OMG. Mine is also getting really sassy and demanding, and she's never been like that!" Another user, @timmyjimmy50, said, "Don't mess with a pug's feeding time, I know!" It looks like Mom is going to have to start practicing the breakfast preparations so she's faster in the future!

Despite the long wait time, Jake was awesome for being so 'patient,' though he don't blame him for complaining to Dad about his breakfast. We hope things are up to Jake's standards next time!

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