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Woman's Story About Saving Senior Dog From a Kill Shelter Moves us To Tears

Sometimes when looking for a new dog, people get sucked in by the little puppies or a specific breed that they don't realize how many other dogs are out there looking for a home. Shelters and adoption sites have plenty of pups that could use a forever home. So it's nice to get a simple reminder to adopt, don't shop. And we saw that in this video from TikTok user @jillian__butler

In her most recent video, this TikToker shared her story about adopting, not shopping and it has us in tears. She wrote in the caption that she saw this dog online and knew no one would adopt him. Why? Well, this poor pup was waiting his days in a kill shelter. He was weak. He could barely walk on his front paws and he had breathing issues. Who was going to take care of a senior dog? So she took matters into her own hands and gave him a forever home. Just wait until you see how he adjusted, it's beautiful!

Wow, this is absolutely heartwarming. It's not often for people to take a chance on a senior dog so when someone does, it truly brings you to tears. Those people are the reason they have a second chance at life. 

"Oh, that tail wag!!😍 Thank you for saving this sweet boy," commented @therescue.crew. Isn't it special how something as simple as a tail wag can show so much happiness? He clearly fell in love with his home and his new family instantly. Even the creator responded, "He's running around our house already! We are like slow down buddy 😂." Aww! He went from barely moving at the shelter to nonstop zoomies at his forever home. 

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Another TikTok user, @dat_salt1, added, "He looks like he wants to live again. Thanks love for your kindness." This family gave him new life! He's so energetic and just so happy for all of the little things he's getting. Nothing beats this! 

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