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Video of Senior Rescue Dog Being Treated to Her First Ice Cream Sundae Is Amazing

One of the best parts about being a dog owner is being able to spoil our beloved pets. All dogs deserve to be showered in love like this, but unfortunately, some don't have that opportunity in their lifetime. One person decided that a senior rescue pup needed to have this experience, and the result is amazing.

PAWS Friend Network is an organization that is dedicated to increasing the visibility for paraplegic, amputee, wheelchair, and senior shelter dogs in the hopes of encouraging more people to adopt these dogs. On their TikTok, @pawsfriendnetwork, they shared a video of one senior dog named Helen who was recently adopted at 16 years old. This pup's new owner took her to get her very first ice cream sundae! Check out the video to see Helen enjoy her much deserved sweet treat. 

Aww, we are so happy that Helen got to have this fun experience. We wish she had been able to be pampered earlier in her life, but we are so glad she gets to spend the end of her life with someone who loves her!

People in the comments immediately fell in love with Helen. @sandra.geegee said, "She deserves all the pup cups in the world." Another user, @sad_piece_of_bacon, commented, "I’m going to cry thank you so much for doing this for her. And please do me a favor and tell her she is greatly loved in our hearts!" We endorse this message for Helen!

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Others were heartbroken that some dogs had to wait so long in their lives to receive this treatment. @onelanestudios commented, "It absolutely destroys me to think about some dogs going their whole lives not being spoiled like this," and @justforthedogs2 said, "So sweet and so sad this is her first ice cream treat." It breaks our hearts to think about the dogs that wait their whole lives for someone to love them.

We are so thankful for people like PAWS Friend Network and Helen's new mom for giving some much needed love to senior dogs and promoting the idea to adopt senior and disabled dogs. They are often overlooked for younger and healthier pups, but these types of dogs deserve love too, and they have plenty to give in return.

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