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Rescued Senior Dog's Reaction to Her Loving New Home Inspires Us to Adopt an Older Pet

Every pet who gets a second chance at life has a story worth telling, and thanks to apps like TikTok, we get to hear about so many of them. This particular story about a senior Golden Retriever named Sasha will get you right in the feels no matter who you are, but if older pups have a special place in your heart--well, go get the tissues now. 

And don't worry, there is nothing but happy endings here! Sasha and her new mama Amy, who goes by @solomom4444 on TikTok, fit together like pieces of a puzzle, but their first day was one worth documenting for sure. Ready for a sneak peek into the life of a rescuer?

Welcome home, Sasha girl! We can't imagine the kinds of conditions she was facing in her previous home, but that's all over now. Amy and her pack of rescues are showing this Golden Girl what it's like to be spoiled and adored. And that's exactly how it should be!

Needless to say, commenters are in awe of Amy and her rescue efforts. @Donnasaker said, "I freaking adore you! 🥰 As a golden Mama." Us, too! There are so many reasons to love Amy and everything she does, especially when she's also facing the emotional toll of seeing dogs in unfortunate situations. 

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"Her story is beyond heartbreaking," she replied to @donnasaker. "We’ve been crying all day." Aww! That makes it even more meaningful that Sasha was brought to a caring, loving home. 

The veterinarians who work with rescues are unsung heros in these situations. Commenter @awutwut asked, "do you have a special relationship w/vet bc of your quantity of rescues, bc same day appts r never available to me! 🥰." Amy replied that, yes, she does! 

That's really cool that she has that kind of resource available to her and her pups, especially since Sasha is going to be a permanent member of the pack! 

Welcome home, Sasha girl!

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