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Senior Rescue Lab's Impressive Weight Loss Inspires Us to Hit the Gym

Although dogs get to live lives free from body shaming and societal norms, there are times when it would be beneficial and healthy for a dog to go on a diet. One of those times is when a dog is excessively obese, just like Morris was when he arrived at Happy Tails Animal Rescue in Australia. The senior Black Labrador was scheduled to be euthanized due to his weight, but this incredible rescue team knew that changes could be made.

After a year of healthy meals, encouraging exercise, and lots of love, Morris and his rescuers met with 7News Queensland to share their stories. We are so astounded and inspired after watching this that we're ready to hit the gym ourselves!

You go, Morris! Losing 25 kilograms (that's just over 55 pounds!) can't be an easy feat, but he and the folks at Happy Tails were more than able to achieve it. We can't imagine how proud they must be!

It should go without saying that this video's commenters are just as excited about Morris's glow-up as we are. TBH, it's hard not to feel inspired by this story! At the same time, though, it's saddening to see an animal in such catastrophic health, especially when they have no control over what they're given to eat. 

"Poor thing, God bless him," wrote commenter @malouf8. "This really saddens me, keep going Morris xx." Isn't it so relieving to know he's being cared for now? 

@Charliegirl053 also made a thought-provoking point when she said, "His previous owners DID NOT love him!!" Although we don't know the whole story, it's hard to feel upset that Morris's weight even got so high in the first place. What matters now, though, is his healthy recovery!

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