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Video of Service Dog Dutifully Retrieving Mom's Keys Is Pretty Darn Impressive

If you're anything like us, every video you see of a service dog completing a task has you impressed all over again. We know just how capable pups are at their jobs, but it never gets any less magical to watch it in action. Vader the black Labrador Retriever is no exception to this--he's such a talented, hard-working boy!

His mama, Annie, captures many of their adventures on his account, @vadertheservicepup, but this key retrieval was, by far, one of our favorites. 

He's such a good boy! Not only is he an excellent retriever, as his breed's name would imply, but he's oh-so-happy to help his mama out, too. After figuring out why she's asking for her keys while in the pool, of course!

"The way he paused and was like 'keys?? we are in the pool,'" commented @hyenabeans. Isn't it hilarious? Vader is definitely a pup who shows what he's thinking, which we think would be especially helpful as a service dog. It gives his mom a chance to see how well he's doing!

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"They really love to work don’t they 🥰?" @queen.luna.1996 asked. Hmm, what gave it away? His sprint to grab the keys, or the look of accomplishment on his face when he brought them back to Annie? Just like she replied to @queen.luna.1996, "he is genuinely the happiest when he has a job to do :)." We're happy for you, Vader! 

Of course, nothing makes us quite as happy as that name. The commenters loved it, too! @Dailytiktokshitposting wrote, "I love the name! sweet lil Vader 🥰." We got a good giggle out of that! Although nothing about the Star Wars villain implies "sweet," that description fit's the dog to a T!

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