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Service Dog's Devotion to Sick Girl at the Hospital Is As Sweet As It Gets

Going to the doctor as a kid was never fun. The plain walls in the exam rooms were boring, and the instruments they used for the check-up were scary. So don't even get us started on hospitals. We can't be the only ones who were scared and nervous while visiting the hospital. We still get that way as adults and we aren't even a hospital patient. So how do kids, who are patients, make it through with such a strong, positive attitude? For some, that strength may come from a service dog, just as it did for this one little girl. 

The poor girl, unfortunately, has a rare disease in which she gets seizures so her service dog is trained to sense and notify her of an oncoming seizure. But a recent TikTok clip shows more of what this girl's service dog named Lumos does. The sweet moment was captured by her mom, known on TikTok as @hickokhouseofchaos. It showcases Lumos refusing to leave the little girl's side, even in the hospital. You'll see that this dog's dedication to his human is unmatched. Lumos is definitely up there for goodest boy in all the land! 

Aww! This is too sweet for words. It didn't matter what was happening, Lumos made sure he was by her side every step of the way. He even was sitting on the gurney with her. His service to the girl doesn't end with just notifying her of seizures. He is there for support all the way through! 

TikTok users are loving this clip because well, it warms your heart. "Love that the hospital respected the dog's job," commented @user6197822803267. Yes! It's truly amazing they let the dog stay with her the whole time. And something tells us they didn't mind having Lumos either. It's not every day they get to work with a dog! 

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@meghanok_ said, "Lumos is not just a service dog. Lumos is a member of that family. That’s his person💛." Aww! What an amazing addition to the fam! @jvliannxx added, "Him to you when he looks back, 'It's okay, I got her'😭." He really did look back to make sure the mom knew he wasn't going to leave her ever. The sweetest thing we've seen all week! 

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