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Service Dog's Unbreakable Bond With Her Kitten Is Too Precious for Words

There is nothing more special than seeing your pet embrace a new member of the family. It doesn't always work out that way! But when it does, it's not only heartwarming — it's such a relief. On Instagram, one woman is celebrating the blossoming friendship between her service dog Autumn and her new kitten Trixie. And we're so thankful that she shared this adorable footage of their relationship. 

The dog mama, @melody.autumn, must've been so thankful when Autumn finally met her match. "Autumn has always loved cats but they never reciprocated the same feeling," she explained in her footage. "Her job included helping me, but I wanted something to help her," she added. Enter Trixie. "I think Autumn knew they had a very relatable history," the TikToker explained. "They both were found completely alone at a very young age." Awww, our hearts are positively shattering for these two. You need to see the cute way they cuddle up to each other. 

Eventually, Autumn developed a motherly bond with Trixie and now the two are as close as can be. "Their relationship is the cutest thing ever, Autumn has something to look forward to every day," the video's caption reads. 

The comments section was a mess after watching the video. "This is so cute I'm about to start crying," @mr.sskk wrote. "Now THIS is the duo I’ve been waiting for," @bottom_cult joked. "I can’t stop crying omg they have similar histories so she’s protecting her," @finalgirlhannah chimed in. 

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Is there anything better than an animal who's found a friend for life?

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