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Service Dog’s Reaction to Her Grandparents Coming Back From Vacation Is Everything

A dog's excited greeting is the best thing (and sometimes the only good thing) about coming home from vacation. One lucky couple was picked up from their cruise with the greeting of a lifetime, all thanks to their daughter and her service dog, Autumn, who were beyond ecstatic to see them. 

The star of this TikTok by @melody.autumn is clearly Autumn the service pibble--she already has over 60,000 followers and 3 million video likes! This smart girl is an allergy and psych response dog who is just as loving as she is determined to keep Melody safe and healthy. Greeting her grandparents after their cruise is the perfect example--just look at her wiggly butt and happy face! She had no clue what was about to happen when she jumped in the car that morning, but this video tells the whole story.

Autumn's Grandma and Grandpa must feel so special. A greeting like hers is sure to put a smile on anyone's face, including theirs! From the very first moment that Melody's parents are in the frame, they are grinning from ear to ear (as were 100% of this video's viewers). That's the power of a dog's love! 

Both the pup’s family and her viewers fell in love with her enthusiasm and thumping tail–just ask commenter @celinacartrette. She wrote, “Omg she’s so happy she loves her little family 🥰.” She really does!

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User @mzruby77 agrees, writing, “In my opinion, she looks like a grandpa’s baby. LUV it”. It didn’t take long for @melody.autumn to reply, stating “100%!!! Grandpa spoils her the most 😂!” Let’s just say we’re here for it. All of it. Every pup deserves to be spoiled with love!

All in all, it’s Autumn’s sheer excitement that captured everyone’s hearts. From “the way her ears perk up 😭” (as noticed by @countryandflower) to her kisses for her grandparents, it couldn’t get any sweeter. 

“It’s just a pure joy and genuine happiness that dogs display,” commented @johnkahnke, “There’s nothing that can top it.” Isn’t that the truth? 

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