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Service Dog's Reaction to Seeing Mom After Surgery Has Us in Our Feelings

Service dogs are constantly by their owner's side, watching over them and protecting them. We have to hand it to these four-legged buddies because they're always on duty. But what happens if these dedicated pups are separated from their humans? TikTok user @vadertheservicepup gives us a glimpse into that answer. 

This service dog named Vader was separated for a short while from his owner while she was in surgery. We imagine he was very nervous and scared because he didn't know what was going on. But like the good boy he is, he waited all day in the waiting room. Just wait until you see the reunion! 

Aww! Our hearts can't take this. Vader was so, SO excited to see his human. He was probably so worried about her, totally unsure where she went. That's so sad to think about, but luckily they're back together again! And he jumped right up to her, going back to his duties like he never missed a beat. 

TikTok users were jumping in and commenting on what Vader was probably thinking. "He's like, 'MOMMY ARE YOU OK!!!?'" wrote @cass_id. He really was so concerned and immediately wanted to comfort her. So sweet! "He said. 'Hello ma'am I've come to take your vitals,'" added @vee.veerose. Uhh, can we get a nurse like Vader, please?!

@alexl8219 said, "'They may have saved your life, but I'm the protector!' These little beasts make life worth living!" Aww! Don't worry, Vader, no one is going to take your job. You're the best service doggo we've ever seen so keep up the great work!  


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